How to Build Confidence as a Holistic Therapist


Are you a Mental Health Therapist and finding traditional therapy isn't enough for some clients? Would you like to integrate holistic strategies into your counseling sessions to facilitate deeper healing? 


Perhaps you are a skilled practitioner with a calling towards holistic methods but are filled with uncertainty about this process. You may be unsure what is allowed and isn't allowed as a Licensed Therapist.


I'm Chris McDonald, a Licensed Therapist and Host of the Holistic Counseling Podcast. 

If you’re not sure where to start or just want to build confidence in being a Holistic Therapist, join my FREE email series "Building Confidence as a Holistic Therapist" where I will teach you how to develop your skills and confidence as a  Holistic Therapist. Whether you’re a seasoned Therapist or just starting out with Holistic Therapy, this email series will give you incredible insights into my own journey, determine what trainings you need (and don't need) and help you manifest the practice of your dreams!


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